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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bookmark this site only if you like porn

Welcome to Porn of the Day!

If you came here expecting a blog, sorry, this is a little bit different a concept. What this is is a list of links to adult galleries. You might be saying "BORING! I've seen millions of link lists before." O.K., granted, there are many link sites out there. But here is the hook...each of these links looks exactly the same every day...but they change daily! So here is what you want to do... Bookmark this site. You didn't do it, did you? C'mon, lazy ass, it takes what...3 seconds?

Here is the first example of how fun this site is! Click the picture directly below you. Don't be shy, step up to the mouse button and click it! This is the Fem Joy Pic of the Day. Come back will be different. When you are done with that, keep on scrolling down this lovely site for all your "Porn of the Day!"

Domai Nude of the Day

A different pretty lady will be in the above picture every day. Click tomorrow to see another lovely...and my lazy ass doesn't do a thing, the computer porn Gods change it for me! Now you get the idea of what this site is all of the day, changes daily!
Free Pic of the Day

Internet Explorer Instructions: (Or the Dummies guide to bookmarking a site)
Select the icon "Favorites" from the top toolbar.
On the sub-menu click on the "Add to Favorites" option.
Give the link a new name or go with the default name and select "OK" to save.
When you want to access the link, go back to the "Favorites" sub-menu and scroll down to select your link.

Hot Sex Tip of the Day

There, that wasn't so painful, was it? O.K. Now you have your own private stash of porn that changes daily. I won't be updating this post like a regular blog, but I will ADD links every now and then to the list of "Porn of the Day." I know it looks like this site is frozen at April 9th 2005, but trust me, it CHANGES DAILY when you click the links to the porn galleries of the day! Enjoy!

Author's note: If you add anything in the comments section, it will be immortalized here. That is right, it will never go away, it will be there for eternity! So go ahead, say what you want for others to see for years to come! For real.

Click the picture above, that is the hardcore movie of the day!

Teen Masturbation Movie of the day


Like sweet nude teens?

Nubile Teen Gallery of the day


Long Hair Babes
Free Pic of the Day

Lovely long hair, smooth as silk. Imagine it on your thighs...


Here are four more...kinda kinky links!
Free Pic of the Day
Free Pic of the Day
Free Pic of the Day
Free Pic of the Day


Hot sex tip of the day


Kinky stuff: Note: these 16 sites are part of a package deal. Access to one gets you access to all 16 of them!

These are all really kinky...a lot of spanking, fisting, pee, bdsm, group sex, interracial, and messy cum on women movies.

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Abbraxa Porn Movies of the day
Athens Girls Movies of the day
Angels Of Porn Movies of the day
Buttcam Movies of the day
Fisting Lessons Movies of the day
French Pee Movies of the day

Its Just Choolate Movies of the day
Intermixed Movies of the day
Jake Busts Nuts Movies of the day
Maxhardcore Porn Movies of the day
Miss Pain Movies of the day
Pee lover Movies of the day
Sweet Auditions Movies of the day
Sweetloads Movies of the day
Sadoslaves Movies of the day
The Dirty Old Man Movies of the day

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Time for a break from all this porn...A Spring Break! haha

Drunk Spring Break Girls Movie of the Day
Spring Break Fuck Adventures Movie of the Day
O.K., the rest of the links DO change daily, you just won't see the picture next to the link change like the ones above. I guarantee, the links will lead you to a unique gallery daily, though.


Porn For Women Gallery of the Day

Yes, women are pervs just like you! Tasteful erotic images and videos of attractive couples...the men all look like Fabio though! Even though it is called porn for women, it is a very erotic well designed sites, and I believe many men will like it too.


Tuna Party Galleries of the Day

Ahh, this is a good one. It is a site sort of like this, but it has about 50 new pics daily. And get this, each of those 50 pics is a LINK to a full gallery of porn! So you get 50 new porn galleries a day with Tuna Party Galleries of the day! That is another great site to bookmark. It has lesbian porn, threesomes, big tit videos...that's enough, just go see it for yourself, my words can't do justice to all the pussy and tits you are about to view.


Cum Fiesta Gallery of the Day

Women getting drenched in cum, enough said.


Big Naturals Gallery of the Day

Big Natural Tits, no silicon bullshit here...


Captain Stabbin Gallery of the Day

Big Naturals was the "T", now see the "A!" Captain Stabbin takes women to sea...and they lose their anal virginity...


MILF Hunter Gallery of the Day

The MILF hunter seeks mature moms with overflowing tits, big round asses and full lips that make a perfect vacum seal around a cock. Take a look at some of his least make sure your mom isn't there...


Cam Crush

This is fun. Maybe your sick of just looking at porn pics and movies all day. Maybe you want to chat with a real woman live over the internet. This is for you...CAM CRUSH. Look down below the text of this paragraph...what do you see? Women. Live women who chat with dudes like you. You can chat with them for free on the preview. Have fun.


Met Art Photo Gallery

This is hands down the best pure nude site on the Internet. They only pic "11s" on a scale from 1 to 10, in my humble opinion. They seem to find the hottest young women, and the photography is incredable. Why am I talking about the photography? I don't know, I shouldn't even care, I should just care about the naked ladies, but for real, the photography is stunning. Every day they add a few more nude women.


Sweet Movies Gallery of the Day


Modelflats Gallery of the day:

Welcome to our flats! Modelflats. The flats where models live. It's made up of Russia's most beautiful, young, natural models, which live together because they all have something in common - they want to be modeling stars.

Here are a few more random picture of the day links for you:

Asian Chick of the Day

Hispanic Chick of the Day

Indian Chick of the Day

Busty Chick of the Day

Candy Teen Chick of the Day

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